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Why Choose Commonwealth House?

Our Care Home concept is a primary reason. We provide the small setting and personalized care that larger, institutional assisted living communities lack. Commonwealth is unique in that residents can live in a true home and receive attentive, compassionate care from a team that treats them as family.


What makes your care special?

Equally as important as the integrity and professionalism of our small team is the freedom they have to just be friendly and engaging – good people being good people. Because the team gets to know each resident, they tend to notice quickly any problems a resident is having, and either take care of any issues or call in a physician.

Do residents have to go to the outside for medical care?

Depending on the need, we have many on-site services that our residents can take advantage of.  Some examples are podiatry, psychiatry, physical therapy, pet therapy, hair care, and daily wellness checks by our certified staff.  

What level of independence is needed for residency?

Our residents are semi-independent, and need some assistance with daily living needs. Their physical and cognitive health may be declining, but they do not require skilled nursing care. For example, we do not accept residents with more advanced stages of dementia.

Do you accept Medicaid?

No. Note that the state of Rhode Island does not allow family to supplement the Medicaid allowance of $2000, so that option is not available.

Do you accept insurance? 

We can assist with the administration of Long-Term Health Care Insurance and entitlements such as the Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit, but assisted living is not covered by standard insurance plans.

Is there an additional charge for medication management? 

No, it is included in our fixed monthly fee.

Do you offer dentistry services? 

Not at this time.

Do you offer in-house blood work services?  

Should a blood draw be necessary, we will have an outside nurse come to Commonwealth and provide that service.

Can my loved one come and go as they please?  

No one at Commonwealth House is a prisoner. This is their home, and our residents are free to come and go as they please.  For safety and to make sure that we can help them get ready, we do ask that the person picking them up notify us.

Do you offer religious services?  

We invite our residents to participate in any spiritual or religious services that they choose, however we do not have a specific religious activities calendar.  

Do I need to provide my own furniture?  

We are able to furnish the room should a resident request it, however you are also invited to bring in your own things and make it your own!

Do you have Wi-Fi or cable TV?  

We have whole-house wi-fi, and each room is equipped with a cable receiver with over 300 channels.

What are your visiting hours? 

We lock the doors between 7pm and 7am, however this is more for safety, and there are no set visiting hours. We just ask that visitors alert us should they be out with a resident after hours.

Do you require visitors to check-in upon arrival?

Currently, visitors are asked to check in and go through a screening process prior to entry for the safety of our residents.  In normal times, drop ins are welcome and encouraged.

What happens if more serious medical care is needed? 

We have established relationships with local doctors, podiatrists, physical therapists, and psychiatrists, all of whom we trust and can recommend when additional expertise is needed. If emergency care is needed, our caregivers are trained to bring in professionals swiftly, and with the firehouse only 3 minutes away and Kent Hospital even less, your loved one is assured to receive the most prompt attention possible should they need it.

Is care available 24/7?

Our caregivers are on site and awake 24 hours a day.  

Who owns Commonwealth House?

It is family-owned and operated by Mandi and Graham Willoughby who established it in 2016.

What are your rates?

Our rooms have fixed monthly rates. The rate varies depending on the room. Services provided in the all-inclusive rate include all care, meals, snacks, housekeeping, laundry, activities, cable television, utilities, internet and medication management. Note that extras like medications, personal care items and other personal items are not included. 

Do you charge a move-in or admission fee? 

No, there are no additional fees when you move into Commonwealth House.  

Does it cost more for additional care? 

We do not charge a-la-carte, so as long as the resident is at a care level that is appropriate for assisted living, you will not find additional charges on your monthly bill.

Do you offer pharmacy services?

We will intake and process medications, and we can put the resident’s medications on our preferred vendor to help in that process. We have a pharmacy that delivers all medications daily and takes all major insurances.

Do you offer physical and occupational therapy?  

We have a preferred vendor that will provide physical therapy on-site that is covered by your insurance or Medicare.

What kind of activities do you offer? 

We offer a full activity calendar with such things as games, trivia, cards, movie night, live music, arts and crafts, flower arranging, gardening, and bingo.  

Do you provide transportation?

At this time, we do not provide transportation except for special unavoidable circumstances.

Do you provide haircuts and styling services? 

Yes. The hair care crew visits regularly for service for both men and women. In addition, there are many barbers and salons in the Warwick area.

Can I personalize my room?  

Make your room your own!  We will help you hang pictures, place furniture, whatever you need to feel more at home.

Do you offer virtual visits?

We can assist in setting up virtual visits and tours.

What type of food do you serve?

Our chef specializes in fresh, nutritious food and can accommodate residents with food allergies or other special dietary needs.

Commonwealth House is great. Mandi and Graham care for everyone as family and they provide a home atmosphere that makes Commonwealth a rare treasure and comfort during times that can be difficult and challenging. Excellence at this level only happens through vision and commitment, and Commonwealth House clearly has it, offering a heartfelt and expert touch to make life good for those who make their home here. They go the extra mile, with a thoughtfulness that is uncommon, and with a careful and well-informed approach to each person's needs and circumstances.

- Matt

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