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Best Mother's Day Gifts courtesy of the Moms of Commonwealth House

After months of exhaustive research and interviews, we have narrowed down the following 5 items (gadget heavy, I know) as the top Mother's Day gifts of 2023, recommended by the mothers of Commonwealth House. Sons and daughters, pay close attention!

Who doesn't like a comfy, cozy robe! This one is full length, with a tie closure and comes in 3 different colors. The chamois cloth allows it to be 5x more absorbent than your normal cotton robe so you don't even need a towel when you get out of the shower!

Mom and dad can't help it. They grew up in an age where a picture was a piece of paper, a tangible thing, that you held in your hand. It went on a cork board, on the refrigerator, or in a frame. These days, everything is digital and you have to go through

several tricky steps to get a hard copy of anything. So make it easy on Mom!

When you take a great pic of her grandkids or a beautiful sunset, send it to this handy little printer for a quick and quality photo-grade copy, ready to go in the wallet, on the coffee table, or under glass to be treasured forever.

Lets face it, getting old is tough, not just on the spirit, but on the body! That's why having a great therapy device like this TheraGun is essential for getting those knots out and relieving the stress of getting up there in years!

This is an absolute Mother's Day home run for those of you who live away from Mom - this digital picture frame can be sourced photos from anywhere on earth using the simple app that comes free with the frame. What better way to get mom to smile in the morning than waking up to a fresh video on this picture frame of her granddaughter taking her first steps! Perfect!

This is an item that may scare folks at first, you definately look like a bug monster wearing this thing, and you should definitely warn people before use! Just tell mom it's really just a very fancy sleep mask. There are an awful lot of claims that this mask makes, from curing migraines to improving sleep quality. I don't know about that, but from what I hear, it feels good, and is a great way to provide mom with some relaxing spa moments while at home. Can't go wrong!

Have a great Mother's Day, and thank you for reading my blog!

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