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Our Fall 2020 Newsletter!

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Welcome Fall!

Hello friends! Here at Commonwealth House, we look forward to the exquisite days, crisp nights, colorful leaves, and fun celebrations of the fall season. Indoors, you know the seasons are changing when House Manager Laura starts breaking out the pumpkin and scarecrow decorations! We still have those breakout sunny days, where the residents can head outside and take part in a little last minute sunbathing,

meeting with family and friends, take a walk around the grounds, or even do some flower arranging! The past month has been a challenging one, with the new normal of COVID and all the hardships it brings, but here at Commonwealth we are making the best of it and working hard to make sure our residents are safe, happy and healthy. We have many exciting activities to talk about in this month’s newsletter, as well as a few announcements too! Read on!

Back to the Zoom Room

As some of you might already know, RI is in a bad way when it comes to Covid right now, and the state has implemented some new restrictions to slow the spread in the state. Unfortunately this means that, as a community with high-risk individuals, we have had to suspend in-person visits for the time being. Luckily, the Commonwealth House Advanced Technology department will be transforming the small common area into a zoom room for virtual visits! You’ll be able to talk with your loved one and see them, and they will see and interact with you on the large TV on the wall. It’s not as good as the real thing, but it’s also better than trying to do it on a small phone or tablet. We’re setting it up tomorrow (Thursday), so look out for instructions on how to get digital.

Happy Anniversary, Commonwealth House!

This October, Commonwealth House celebrated its 4th anniversary! Unfortunately COVID has put a damper on our celebratory gatherings, so this occasion came and went without too much fanfare. For Mandi and Graham, it was an opportunity to reflect on the past 4 years and all the wonderful residents and families whose lives have touched ours. We took time to think about the folks we are caring for now, and also those who have passed on, and how much we miss them.

We have also taken this opportunity to unveil our new logo. Our new logo reflects our philosophy of always innovating and advancing the care we provide, while also preserving our original ideals of providing the best elder care in a home like surrounding.

Fall Flower Fun

We didn’t let the pandemic dampen our spirits too much when it came to activities. One of the most memorable

for us was the visit from flower-arranger extraordinaire Melissa Gaethofs.

The ladies of Commonwealth House really came through with some phenomenal arrangements, and some were gifted to family members soon after, which we thought was especially sweet.

Even Ian got in on the fun!

Hot Rides

At the end of September, our residents were treated to a car show courtesy of Christine Andrews and Kathy Boiardi and friends of the RI Mopar club!

Some of the residents even recalled owning these particular models when they were roaming the roads! It was a terrific trip down memory lane on a lovely day.

Fall Photos

Apparently someone thinks our front yard is so beautiful that they decided to make it a backdrop for some fall portraits! Special thanks to Christine Andrews and Jeannie Paradiso from Paradiso Photography!

A Breath of Fresh Air…

We are proud to announce that Commonwealth House has installed REME-Halo In-Duct UV Air Purifiers in all of our central air systems. These units will purify the air in the home using Reflective Electromagnetic Energy that deactivates 99% of infections germs and viruses, and removes all impurities from the air. We have experienced first-hand the air purifying power of these units and the results are nothing short of remarkable. We are confident that they will contribute to the safety, health, and comfort of our residents. The only drawback is they are so powerful they may take the smell of Chef Mandi’s cooking right out of the air!

More on Winter Visits

Courtesy of the Commonwealth House Advanced Technology department, later this winter we will be constructing a negative-pressure visiting room in the entry way of the residence for family and friends visiting during the colder months. The entry alcove will be sealed and separated from the house by a clear plastic screen that you can talk through, but is impervious to virus transmission. This way visitors can sit in warmth and comfort “inside” the house, but not risk passing the virus to the residents within. To further eliminate the chance of virus particles passing into the house, we will install a negativepressure fan in the doorway with a device that constantly monitors the pressure. This way air is always drawn away from the interior of the house, further ensuring that virus particles cannot enter.

***UPDATE*** - The above was our plan until the recent restriction on visits. Currently we have put this on hold until things calm down and we can do visits again. Stay tuned!

Home for the Holidays

It’s unfortunate that our residents won’t be able to spend the holidays with their families this year. We will however ensure many opportunities for families to connect with their loved ones either digitally or using the visitation room during the holidays. If it is any consolation, we are going to be working extra hard to ensure that this year’s holidays are as fun and festive as we can make them for our residents. We are planning beautiful feasts for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, as well as entertainment, giftgiving, and plenty of cheer with the whole “Commonwealth House” family.

Rest in Peace, Turtle

We are sad to announce the passing of our beloved Turtle. He passed peacefully on November 6th after a brief illness. He was 13 years old. Turtle was a California dog, adopted by Mandi and Graham to keep Mandi company while she was grooming dogs. He made the trip to RI when he was 5 years old, and was a loyal and sweet sidekick his whole life. We could have not asked for a better dog to have at Commonwealth House. He was a wonderful companion for us as well as the residents. Turtle was always gentle and warm with everyone, always helping a new resident feel at home, and keeping everyone company, especially if scraps were involved! We will miss him terribly, and I’m sure the residents will as well.

Giving Back

Finally, please stop by and donate some canned goods to the food drive we are holding between November 1st and 14th. There is nothing more noble and fulfilling than giving to those who are less fortunate, especially over the holiday season. THANK YOU in advance! See the attached flyer for more information.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading our newsletter! Please let us know your thoughts by emailing Please also look out for an emailed survey that will be sent out in the middle of November. Your feedback helps us provide the best care we can for your loved ones, so please complete the survey and return it when you receive it. In the availability department, we do have one room remaining as of this mailing; if you are interested in learning more or have someone in mind that might benefit from the services we provide, please reach out to Marketing Director Christine Andrews at Have a fantastic fall and stay safe!

655 Commonwealth Ave Warwick, RI, 02886

(401) 298-6986

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