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Birthdays are taken seriously. (Seriously fun!) at Commonwealth House

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

We always take birthdays very seriously here at Commonwealth House, and today was no exception. One of our residents was turning 74 and it was time to celebrate. Being diabetic is no joke but everyone wants something sweet for his or her Birthday, and something told me he was not going to settle for sugar-free Jell-O. No, we were going to do this right, with balloons, candles, and a proper, sweet, moist, delicious chocolate cake. 

Diabetics Dream

Note that the brown sugar stevia sometimes is hard to find, but your local supermarket should carry it in the baking aisle. Make note of the conversion, as stevia is sweeter than regular sugar and if you use the same amount it will make your cake inedible! I used eggs instead of the Eggbeaters it called for. 

“I am the owner of Commonwealth House, and I like to take the lead when it comes to our residents’ birthdays. I think it’s one of the best ways of showing how much I care about our residents and their happiness. Lord knows that when I have been on earth as long as they have, I will really be grateful for the people who celebrate my birthday with me! ”

I also happen to be a baker and baking fanatic. I have Ciliac disease (yes, very ironic, I know), so I am familiar with baking for someone with dietary restrictions. I scoured the internet for a good recipe for chocolate cake, with the goal of finding one that used stevia as the primary sweetening ingredient, as I had this in plentiful supply for use in other sugar free concoctions. What I found was a home run on the first try. It was called “Died and Went to Heaven Chocolate Cake, Diabetic Version, from I thought it was going to be a dud because the batter was very runny, but it baked up just right, and released from the pan (always a terrifying moment) with ease (don’t forget to use lots of butter! No sugar there!). 

For the frosting I used Pillsbury’s Sugar Free frosting, chocolate flavor to really make it a chocolate lovers dream! 

The resident was very satisfied and had an awesome birthday because of it!

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