"After comparing many facilities the Commonwealth house became my first choice. And in addition to that their attention to the details of his medical needs is amazing. I know he is safe and in the best of hands. If I am in the situation where I need to be in a similar environment I will go there without a doubt."


"I love that Commonwealth House is a small facility because it really feels like a home and everyone gets to really know one another. I cannot recommend Commonwealth highly enough and am grateful a place like this exists for my family."


"My step-father is thriving here because it is not a "Warehouse" as he would put it...His health is improving by the day due to the healthy meals and medication supervision that he receives at Commonwealth House. I very much enjoy visiting him here as the staff are very welcoming and friendly."


"Clean, inviting house with excellent staff. You couldn't ask for more from an assisted living facility. Highly recommend.

Commonwealth House (owner)"


"Everyone went out of their way to make the move to Commonwealth House as seamless as possible. Mandi offered to email while we were away - this was great for me and my mother to get the latest from us. Mom loved seeing Turtle (their dog) - just another "home touch" to Commonwealth House. All of our interactions have been positive - a perfect solution to short term or long term care needs."


"The staff is very attentive to the needs of each resident and goes to great lengths to insure their comfort, happiness and security during their stay. The house is so close that I am able to visit almost daily and have been invited many times to stay and enjoy dinner with the residents. I am grateful to have found a place where my sister can engage with others and not be isolated. Commonwealth House is a wonderful home for your loved one."


"So happy that I discovered Commonwealth House for my mother. She had lived in another Assisted Living Facility, but due to it’s size, it lacked the personal care, attention and social contact that the elderly need and deserve. Commonwealth House staff all show compassion and empathy, as well as top notch care that has made a difference in the quality of my mothers life. And the smaller size makes it feel so much more like home. So grateful that this new form of senior living has made its way to Rhode Island!"


"My mom stayed here for a month when I was traveling. She loved it and they took wonderful care of her. She made friends with other residents. I would completely recommend this facility, because it is more like a home than a facility. This is what assisted living should be not a building that you could mistake for a cruise ship."


"Great staff. Very caring. Beautiful home with great inside and outdoor spaces. Attentive owners and top quality health care professionals. Excellent food as well."


"Having listened to adult-children trying to help their aging folks decide on a place to call home, after their home can no longer be safe or manageable, I know what a conflict of emotions this raises in every one concerned. As a psychotherapist, for 40 years, I've seen lots of families trying to sort this out, and personally, I also know this chapter. I've seen many very well-run, mid-to-top dollar assisted living facilities in 5 states. While attractive, with competent, caring staff, lovely facilities, and many amenities, my bias is definitely with small, family-owned, professionally run assisted &living residences. The key word here is SMALL. Commonwealth House is definitely a small community with a house/home residence , in an ordinary nice neighborhood in Warwick, Rhode Island. A young couple from California, who came East for career advancement began to imagine a business they could run together, while starting a family, and that would nourish their hearts and souls, not just pay bills. They are bright, educated, hard-working pair who left family and friends in their coast-to-coast move. What better new endeavor than to open their special version of a small ,independent living residence? Commonwealth House is the result of their values and vision in creating a home that they care for much as , and in much the same ways as for their very own house. In the vast majority of Independent Living places , the residents never know who "the owners," even are, be they corporations, church affiliations, public housing, etc. At Commonwealth House you can see the owners, the staff, almost any time, and your concerns will become theirs, and find resolution expediently, as there are no layers of employees to muddle through when something breaks, or you need a ride, or you just want to chat a bit about how your day is going. Commonwealth House is a family, a family of creation, and the owners /operators are a family of origin, and together this Independent Living concept has it all over any, ANY large facility. Home, for most people, has been a place to live with a few, to a few more individuals, not 100 or 600 people. Who grew up, or lived their adult life having breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a cafeteria, or dining room, with hundreds of others? When you wanted to go to the grocery store, did you take a bus with 50+ other shoppers, or did you get in your SUV and maybe take a family member along? Large group facilities, regardless of whether they are condo style, apartment building style, or cottages on park-like grounds, are still.....facilities. Good, caring staff, services, sure , but friendly employees in numbers like 35 or 55, or 150 are not able to form the depth of, or kind of relationships with residents . The numbers are just too great. CommonwealthHouse's owners/operators, administrator, and staff know every single person who is fortunate enough to be living there....and knows them well. You may enter this independent living experience solo, but you will have a small collection of folks, that live there also, or work there, who will soon be your new home's new "family." Many research studies have shown, conclusively, that loneliness destroys health and even leads to death. Depression in Seniors is often much more than biological factors of growing older. We need each other. We also need privacy, and "our own space," room(s) of our own, and "We get by with a little help" ("from our friends," or whom ever is able to help us!") My vote is for Commonwealth House, in Warwick, Rhode Island. Check it'll see what I mean when I say that it truly is a wonderful home."


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