Meet The Family

Mandi and Graham Willoughby moved to Rhode Island in 2012 from Northern California after Graham accepted a position at Brown University. Mandi brought with her a long-held dream nurtured while in the business of caring for others’ loved ones. Her dream was also inspired by her grandmother who had become frail, but did not want to leave her home. Mandi was determined to serve elders just like her grandmother with more personal, home-like care. 


In 2016, the concept became reality when Mandi and Graham purchased and converted a Warwick home at 655 Commonwealth Ave. Commonwealth House was Rhode Island’s first “Care Home” -- a unique community of 10 seniors who are assisted in their daily lives as they need it, in a home-like setting that they can love. 


Not quite assisted living, not quite home care -- a better way of senior living. Mandi’s grandmother would approve.


Mandi, Graham, their sons Ian and Rusty, and their Border Collies Buzz and Sumo also reside in Warwick, Rhode Island.  

Ian and Russell (Rusty) Willoughby


A Team in Sync with the Founders

Our skilled, licensed staff members love the “Care Home” concept as much as the Willoughbys do, and freely engage with our residents as family members. No corporate structure or hierarchy. Just friendly professionals eager to provide the most personalized care possible in a setting with a favorable resident-to-staff ratio of 5:1.


Laura L’Europa is Commonwealth House’s Manager.  She enjoys keeping our residents happy and active! Laura‘s motto is “you should treat others the way you would want to be treated.” She is extremely caring and notices the details that really make the difference. When Laura is not helping our residents with the activities of daily living or coordinating housekeeping duties with our other staff, you can find her engaging the residents in games of trivia, bingo or even leading a rousing session of sit-and-be-fit! Laura takes the lead when it comes to keeping our residents happy and their minds active, and always finds fun and creative ways to help our residents live the fullest lives possible.


House Manager/ Lead Caregiver


Janis Regelmann is Commonwealth House’s Nursing Coordinator. She is a licensed LPN in Rhode Island and has been with us for 1 year. You’ll find Jan at the helm several days a week, working hard to ensure that our residents are receiving the best care possible. In addition to coordinating residents care with doctors as well as families, Jan schedules residents' doctor's appointments, keeps residents files current, and works with the staff so each resident is receiving the proper assistance with the activities of daily living. Even with all of this administrative work to do, Jan enjoys taking a hands-on approach with our residents, checking in regularly to make sure everyone is happy and safe.


Nursing Coordinator


Claudia, AKA "The Kid," brings a youthful presence to Commonwealth House. While she is no-nonsense and professional, she also sees our residents as her extended family, and loves leading activities and games, and sharing new and creative ideas with residents. She’s also the one to call to get that iPad or Facebook video message to work…


Certified Medication Technician

Front, new with NEW logo, Square.jpg

Lexi is a fantastic addition to our staff, and is new, a veteran, and and a local all at the same time! She's a newbie because she's one of our newest members. But don't let that fool you...she is also an industry veteran, having grown up in the Assisted Living community, and has seen it all.  She is also a local, having attended Toll Gate High School, literally in our back yard!  She contributes to the vibrance of the community every day with her ability to handle any situation with experience and grace, and at the same time bringing new ideas to the table that help Commonwealth House continue to innovate and grow in the quality of the care we provide.


Certified Nurse's Aide

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Tina is one of our newest additions and brings many years of professional experience in the kitchen to Commonwealth House!  Tina has a terrific sense of our residents individual tastes and creates fresh, healthy meals from scratch every day that all of our residents love.  Tina also loves spending time with the residents when she is not concentrating on meal prep, and is always happy to share her gregarious personality!  She brings energy and life to the Commonwealth house kitchen, and we are happy to have her!  


Head Chef

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Mercedes has been with us for more than 2 years now, and brings a down-to-earth friendliness to the residents of Commonwealth House every day.  Mercedes has a very genuine caring streak within her, and those that are in her care always seem a little happier after she pays a visit!  When Mercedes is not at Commonwealth, you may find her attending a Monster Truck rally at the Seekonk Speedway, working on her Subaru or in the kitchen preparing another delicious culinary creation!  


Certified Medication Technician

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Deb Riley is a CNA who works nights here at Commonwealth, and is one of our newest employees!  Welcome Deb!


Certified Nurse's Aide

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Ellyn is one of Commonwealth House's Registered Nurses.  As a facility RN, Ellyn is responsible for the overall health of the residents. 


Registered Nurse

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Connie is one of Commonwealth House's Registered Nurses.  As a facility RN, Connie is responsible for the overall health of the residents. 


Registered Nurse


"Supportive and thriving assisted living. All the comforts of home in a warm and caring environment. They are like an extended family and we are very happy to have found them."

- Nancy Gaucher-Thomas